Plan Your Remembrance Day

Every year since 1919, many nations have paused on Remembrance Day (11 November) in memory of their fallen service men and women. 

There are many simple ways to honour their invaluable legacy – from attending a service to wearing a poppy, reflecting in silence, or donating to a veterans’ charity.    

Here’s some essential information to help you plan your Remembrance Day 2023. 


How can you commemorate Remembrance Day? 

Attend a Remembrance Day service

RSL Remembrance Day services will be held Australia-wide on Saturday 11 November 2023. Free to attend, these commemorative ceremonies welcome all who wish to pay their respects to the fallen. To find a service near you, click your state on the map.

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Observe a minute’s silence at 11am

Wherever you are on 11 November, remember to remember at 11am.  

Set a reminder in your calendar or phone, switch your phone to ‘do not disturb’, and pause for just a minute in memory of the fallen. It’s a simple action that means so much. 

Remembrance Day Service

Watch or listen to a service online 

No matter where you are on Remembrance Day, you can tune into a commemorative service via ABC TV, ABC Radio, the ABC listen app and ABC iview.


Remembrance Day commemorative services will be held Australia-wide on Saturday 11 November. To find a service near you, click your state on the map.  




More ways to commemorate

Poppy Appeal

Donate To The Poppy Appeal 

The Poppy Appeal supports veterans and their families in times of need. To support the Poppy Appeal, buy a poppy from RSL Sub Branches, or donate securely online.

Remembrance Day poppy

Wear A Poppy of Remembrance 

Wearing a red poppy on Remembrance Day is a simple way to show your support and commemorate those who have served. It’s customary to pin your poppy to the left lapel of your shirt.

You may also choose to wear a purple poppy (beside the traditional red poppy) in remembrance of animals who died while serving.

Remembrance Day audio

Listen to A Service

If you are unable to attend an RSL Sub Branch service and wish to commemorate at home, we've put together a short audio service you can play. Listen or Download Here.

Volunteer Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Volunteering

Be it on Remembrance Day or at another time of year, volunteering at your local RSL Sub Branch is a great way to support veterans and their families.  

Find your nearest Sub Branch via the map and ask how you can help. 

Remembrance Day

5 Remembrance Day Weekend Activities For Families

Looking for different ways to commemorate Remembrance Day? Check out these family-friendly ideas.

Remembrance Day FAQs

After the Armistice of 11 November 1918, Remembrance Day began as a day to honour those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice in World War I. Today, Remembrance Day remembers all service personnel who gave their lives in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.  

Personally, you may want to remember an ancestor, relative or friend who has served.  

If you don’t have any personal links to people who have served, the Remembrance Day minute of silence is an opportunity to reflect on what war has cost Australia and the world, and the sacrifices many have made to enable us to enjoy life today. 
Anyone is welcome to attend a Remembrance Day service.  

Remembrance Day services and ceremonies are free, and you don’t need to be an RSL Sub Branch member to attend a service at your local Sub Branch. 

We encourage everyone to honour those who have served and sacrificed.
Attending a Remembrance Day service can be a moving experience. Flags will be lowered to half-mast before the service starts and the catafalque party will mount the cenotaph and take their positions. 

Typically, the service will start with an Acknowledgement of Country, welcome speech, and words of experience or reflection from a veteran or service member. After this, it’s common that a hymn, prayer or reading is shared before dignitaries and other guests of honour lay wreaths or poppies.  

It's customary to recite the Ode, play the Last Post, and observe one minute of silence. The minute’s silence concludes with the playing of the Rouse and a designated spokesperson saying the iconic words, “lest we forget”.

Wearing medals on Remembrance Day and other commemorative occasions is encouraged, provided you follow the relevant protocols. 

Legally, service medals and other decorations may only be worn by:  

  • the person to whom those decorations were awarded  
  • a family member of the above, if the above is deceased.  

Full details are available at and, but here’s a quick summary. 

Can I wear replica medals?

There are no implications resulting from wearing replicas of medals to which a person is entitled. Many current and ex-serving Defence members prefer to wear replicas to avoid losing or damaging their originals.  
According to the Department of Defence, the child of a current serving member may wear a set of miniature replica medals of their parent’s for special occasions, such as Remembrance Day. These medals must be worn on the right breast (see below).  
Wearing your own medals on Remembrance Day 

  • Wear your medals/replicas on the left breast of your clothing.  
  • You may also wear a deceased relative’s medals/replicas on the right breast (see more below).  
  • Current serving members should wear their medals in accordance with their service Dress Manual.  

Wearing relatives’ medals on Remembrance Day

  • Only one relative of a deceased veteran may wear the veteran’s medals/replicas at any one time. The full set of medals/replicas should be worn. 
  • It’s considered inappropriate to wear the medals/replicas of more than one deceased relative at one time.  
  • Wear the medals (or replicas) on the right breast of your clothing.  

Order of wearing medals  
Australian honours and awards must be worn in the correct order of precedence. For more info, please see the Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards.  

You’ll often find Remembrance Day poppies for sale through your local RSL Sub Branch. Funds raised help support Sub Branch activities that benefit local veterans and their families. 

You can also buy a virtual poppy through RSL Australia's Poppy Appeal, which also helps support veterans and their families. 

Poppy merchandise is also available at Military Shop

How will you remember?

No matter how you choose to commemorate Remembrance Day, all we really ask is that you remember to remember.

Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service. Remember those who have come home injured or ill, in body or spirit. And remember those who bravely serve our country today.

Lest we forget.